Would You Run In This Election?

Even as Republican leaders in Congress demand that President Obama accept President Karzai as the head of Iran despite the obvious fraudulent election which he conducted, Afghan opponents are making clear there can not be free elections in their nation as long as Karzai calls the shots. His major opponent, Abdullah Abduallah announced he would quit the race since no action had been taken to eliminate fraud from the electoral process. “I will not participate” he told the media since no changes had been put into place to ensure a free election. Nader Nadery, of the Afghan Human Rights Commission, put it bluntly: “There is an absence of law here– this is a very tricky decision.”

The reality is election or no election, major problems in Afghanistan require a coalition government in which businessmen and technocrats run the show. The corrupt crew which surrounds Karzai has to go if there is to be any hope of dealing with the Taliban.