Wow, Karzai Told The Truth!

Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistan has been complaining for years about American interference into political affairs within his nation. He insists Americans do not pay attention to him and they only seek to remove him from office. A new book by Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense. It turns out that former Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, interfered in the Afghanistan presidential election in 2009. He persuaded candidates to enter the race in order to prevent Karzai from gaining a majority and forcing a run off which he hoped would go to another candidate. What do these actions prove about American foreign policy?

1. We refuse to understand that in the Middle East the issue is not whether the best candidate will win, but who is best at manipulating elections.
2. Money and who gets power to get control of the money is always the issue.
3. We enter wars without a plan as to how to get out of the country we conquer.
4. Get in, impose your plan, get the hell out is the best solution.
5. The initial plan should include a Cabinet and government run by local technocrats.
6. Have a one year plan to train and equip a hundred thousand man army whose soldiers are well paid by the new government.
7. Always work with local chieftains since they control the population.

Always remember, the Rule of the Middle East is: GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!