Wrong Man At Wrong Time

Over a thousand people have died in violence that is sweeping Cairo and supporters of Mohamed Morsi claim the current military leadership seeks to restore to power, one Hosni Murbarak. So, what does the Egyptian military do–they drop charges against the former dictator, claim he already has spent too much time in jail, and set him free!! This decision is certainly going to arouse anger, not only among Islamist militants, but the majority of Egyptians who support army actions against the Muslim Brotherhood. Mubarak and sons were convicted of embezzling funds and other such crimes but to military leaders Hosni is simply one of the good old boys. So, how does the military explain why a former dictator who was never elected-in a legal election, is now free while Morsi, who was elected in something termed a free election remains in prison?

This is the wrong decision at the wrong time for the wrong person. Egypt needs peace and quiet, not another storm of protest. Who are these military leaders? On which planet do they live? Unfortunately, they inhabit the same planet as does Mohamed Morsi.