Wrong Man, Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Tony blair is waiting in the wings for the announcement he will be appointed as a special international envoy to the Middle East. We believe Tony Blair is the wrong man for this task, it is the wrong time to appoint anyone from America or England, and certainly we don’t need Bush’s lackey dealing with Middle Eastern issues.

Tony Blair has failed, as of this date, to demonstrate an ability to speak bluntly and honestly to George Bush. Any envoy to the Middle East can not be shy about speaking reality to a president who lives in a fantasy world surrounded by assistants who fear confronting him with the truth. Blair is too linked with a Middle East policy which caters to all the wrong aspects of Israel foreign policy. There is need of someone who can move Israel away from its failed policies and enter the world of risk. For example, even some Israel intelligence agents want their nation to reach out to Hamas, Tony Blair would be unable to move in that direction. Lastly, there is a new British prime minister and Gordon Brown at least should have an opportunity to lead his nation away from Blair policies. Most probably, he will not, but he definitely can not if Blair is the envoy to the Middle East.