Wrong Name, Wrong Time

There are times in life when one happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are also times in life when one happens to have the wrong name at the wrong time. Abdifateh Ahmed Mohamed, waas getting ready to board a plane headed for Mexico when he was detained by police in Oslo airport. He had left Sweden thinking it was a simple thing to switch planes in Oslo.

A call was made to the US since his name appeared to be that of a terrorist. American officials did not want to investigate the situation. “My friends who don’t have Muslim names can to straight through while I am taken into a room by the side of the desk. I am actually thinking of getting rid of the name of ‘Ahmed” as it’s always that bit which causes problems.”

Turns out he had the same name as a terrorist. I suspect in this case the only terrorism involved was that conducted by the American government which had the wrong man listed on the right list.