Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong People

David and Tiffany Hartley went on jet skis across Falcon Lake which lies on the border of Mexico because they wanted to photograph a sunken church. Nothing much out of the ordinary if these were normal times along the border of Mexico and the United States. But, we inhabit the fruits of American stupidity. Secretary Hillary Clinton termed the shooting of David Hartley by drug dealers an example of “barbarism.” They apparently thought Mr. Hartley was from another gang or was somehow engaged in spying on their activities. Clinton is correct, there is “barbarism,” but it does not alone stem from actions of drug dealers. It also emanates from Americans who want drugs and refuse to legalize the use of those drugs. Their denial of reality has spawned a war that constantly claims innocent victims such as Mr. Hartley. A Mexican policeman who was investigating the case wound minus a head which was delivered to a nearby Mexican army post. It was a warning to stay out of our affairs.

The barbarism of drug wars and the death of thousands will not halt until the United States comes to its senses and legalizes drugs. Our love of drugs has enabled drug lords to proliferate and kill thousands of innocent people. Legalize drugs and we end barbarism in the western hemisphere.