WSJ Circulation Scheme Can’t Miss!

The European version fo the Wall Street Journal has concocted a brilliant scheme to boost circulation which is guaranteed to be successful. Actually, it is rather simple, just  purchase your own paper at a lower cost, say a penny a copy, and then prove to the world  the paper is selling more papers. Under leadership of  Andrew Langhoff, the WSJ established the Future Leadership Institute which works with corporate executives to identify future leaders. And, there is a reward for being part of the Institute.

Step One:  A corporate executive joins the Institute. His name appears in a special column in the Wall  Street Journal.

Step Two: The executive purchases copies of the WSJ for about a penny a copy.

Step Three:  Copies are given to students attending seminars at the Institute.

Step Four: This is how 41% of European copies of the WSJ are “SOLD.”

Now if the Republican party can figure out a similar scam to boost their voting in America we can be blessed with a Herman Cain presidency.