X Marks Spot Of Danish X Files

The Danish government has decided to release its entire X Files dealing with alien sightings in the nation. Although the 329 pages of data compiled by government bodies to examine supposed sightings of unusual phenomena do not reveal any example of an alien actually being encountered the inability to explain away each and every example undoubtedly will send X File supporters into ecstasy since there are now government admitted examples of unexplained incidents involving aliens. The file covers the years 1979 to 2002 and it is clear most of the “sightings” could not be explained. Of course, one reason they could not be explained is because they never happened and how does one investigate a non-event? For example, in 1985, a fifteen year old boy claimed to have seen five “humanoid” figures standing over a fallen disc. Prove that the boy never saw them.

Let’s face it, humans, why would any sensible life form wish to come to this planet with its non-ceasing wars and hate? There are no alien visitors because the Galactic Council has placed Earth on the no-visit list.