X Number Down, X Number To Go!

Some political leaders are concerned with job rates, but President Obama has something else on his mind–how many Muslim militants were killed today? Another drone strike, another  drone strike, another drone strike in northwest Pakistan and down went the 2nd top leader of al-Qaida. Abu Yahya al-Libi is supposedly dead although some al-Qaida insist he still  breathes the pleasant air of Pakistan. Drone after drone blasted away and “30” militants are dead.

American military authorities boast of killing this al-Qaida leader or that and invariably they attach a number to the dead person. By this point they have killed at least the top two hundred al-Qaida leaders. Unfortunately, every time they kill number two, then number three becomes number two and so on and so on. I hate to ruin the good news for President Obama, but there is always another number on the list and it goes on and on.