XI And BO Meet

Leaders of the two most important nations of the world held a pleasant conversation in a pleasant location where they could enjoy sun and good meals. Xi Jinping, head of China discussed with President Obama his concerns about cyber-espionage which is of great concern to the United States. Of course, as President Obma rants and raves against cyber war, his government is engaged twenty four hours a day and night in this activity. Obama was pleased to announce “that the Chinese leadership understand clearly the importance of this issue to the United States.” I think the American people would like its president to understand how they feel about the importance of this issue.

The good news is an agreeement by both leaders to address the issue of global change. Both nations are major polluters and it is necessary for the two most influential impacts on this planet to deal with this issue as soon as possible. China also made clear its opposition to nuclear efforts by the little pudgy boy in North Korea, Kim Jong-un.

Oh, the Chinese did not sleep in the house offered by Obama. They preferred a hotel in order to avoid having their thoughts learned by our cyber police.