Xinjiang By Any Other Name Is Xinjiang

There is now overwhelming evidence that terrorist attacks on people in a Chinese railroad station came from the western province of Xinjiang and those carrying out the assault were Muslims who belonged to the Uighur minority. Unfortunately, the Chinese government just does not grasp how Chinese official, Zhang Chunxian, told members of the media it was clear the outbreak of terrorism had nothing to do with policies of the Chinese government. Who or what was to blame? For those who do not understand why terrorism finds roots among people, it is difficult for them to grasp that origin lies with THE INTERNET! Zhang informed one and all that “more than 90 percent of Xinjiang’s terrorism comes from jumping the firewall and accessing internet videos to create terrorism.”

In other words, most folk are not terrorist and just love the Chinese government which does not allow them any religious freedom, but once they see VIDEOS then their minds turn away from love toward China and turn to hate! Just listen to Zhang who in response to a question as to whether Chinese acts of violence toward Muslims might not be a cause of terrorism replied: “Will it(terrorism) not take place if you do not take a strong stand?”