Yes, But No On Unemployment Pay

Congressman John Boehner is concerned about problems faced by those who are or were on unemployment and will do all in his power to ensure they have access to some form of benefits. Well, not exactly. The Senate passed a bill that would extend unemployment benefits for those who ran out of such payment in December. The bill passed with some support from Republican senators. The bill covered cost of this extension by identifying other sources of income. Senator Harry Reid understood that was a demand by Boehner. So, the bill passed the Senate, it was supported by some Republican votes and arrived on the desk of John, the con man. Naturally, when all of his demands were met, what else could he do but offer up another reason why he would not allow a vote on the bill.

John insisted that Washington Democrats come up with a plan that is fiscally responsible and gets to the root of the problem by helping to create more private sector jobs.” Let me get this straight: a bill to extend payment to those without jobs can not be passed until those without jobs get jobs. Figure out the Boehner logic and there is a good job waiting for you on Wall Street!