Yes, There Are Gay Priests, So What!

The Catholic Church is confronting a new expose which describes gay priests going to gay clubs and bars. Panorama, a magazine owned by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, used hidden cameras to capture priests visiting gay clubs and bars and even having sex. The diocese of Rome blasted the magazine for trying to “create scandal(and) defame all priests.” The diocese also urged gay priests to come out of the closet and leave the ministry. It was pointed out honesty “would require that they come out into the open” and face the reality they made the wrong choice in becoming a priest. One priest captured in the expose named Father Paul, attended a party with male prostitutes, then said Mass the following morning before returning to take a few of the prostitutes to the airport. A former italian MP and gay activist, Franco Grillini commented: “if all the gays in the Catholic Church were to leave at once… they would cause serious operational problems.”

Yes, there are gay priests. Yes, the vast majority of priests are not gay. Yes, this is simply another storm in a teacup in which the media knows capturing priests at gay parties sells magazines. The real issue is when will the Catholic Church, as well as other churches, accept the reality that some males are gay and some females are lesbians, make necessary changes in rules, and allow life to proceed in a normal manner?