Yes, There Is Racism In Scotland Yard

During the past several months the Black Police Association in Scotland Yard has implemented a boycott in which it refuses to cooperate with leaders of the Yard in recruiting minorities. Finally, deputy commissioner Tim Godwin, vowed to “address issues of race and discrimination in the organization.” Scotland Yard leadership also privately admitted part of the reason ethnic minority officers are less likely to get promoted and more likely to be disciplined. The argument broke out in September, 2008 when Tarique Ghaffur, third in charge of the Metropolitan police, and the most senior ethnic minority on the force, was suspended after calling his boss, Sir Ian Blair, a racist and suing the force for discrimination. The BPA responded to this blatant discrimination by urging minority Britons not to join the force.

In his letter to the BPA, Godwin, said, “I want to ensure that the concerns you have raised about the disproportionality in our discipline processes and in the progression of staff through the organization are effectively addressed.” This is an example of an organization willing to face the music of discrimination which is always step one in ending such occurrences.