Yet Another Israel Coalition

During President Obama’s recent speech Republicans sat quietly untill the man they hate uttered the magic word of “Israel” and all  jumped to their feet in wild applause. Back in Israel, no one is jumping to their feet, they are dragging them from room to room as the eternal issue of forming a coaliton government proceeds. Israel is not only a land containing many people, it has gobs of political parties, each with a few seats in the Knesset and each demanding a price for those seats. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is playing the coalition game. He has offered former opponent, Tzipi Livni, a job which entails working on peace negotiations with Palestinian President Abbas.

Off in another place, Yesh Afid has 19 seats and the desire is for a written statement about what Netanyhu will do concerning peace agreements or allowing  draft deferments for ultra-Orthodox men from serving their  country.

Tune in tomorrow for the latest episode on who gets what for what in Israel!