You Apologize, Not Me!

Michele Bachmann was on the Jimmy Fallon show when the band decided to play, “Lying Ass B—-” much to the lack of enthusiasm of the guest.  She is angry and so is NBC. Within twenty four hours, the Republican candidate received a letter of apology. Her reaction was pure Bachmann. “Of course, I accept the apology but my guess is that it should have been the president of NBC that should have been apologizing, not a vice president.” She went on to complain if Michelle Obama had been insulted, the entire Board of Directors, the president and God himself would have sent an apology. After all, “I’m a serious candidate for the presidency of the United  States, but I’m a conservative Republican, that is the double standard.”

Gee, let me recall. Michele Bachmann accused the president –not the vice president– of the United States of America of not being a citizen, she accused him of being a Muslim, and she accused him of being responsible for the 14  Trillion national debt. Oh, and she accused Paul Revere of warning the British. I think Paul up in heaven would appreciate an apology.