You Are Kidding, Aren’t You?

A new report reveals that American military leaders were planning to show the Soviet Union they were competing with a bunch of mad men and you certainly do not wish to risk the fate of your nation to a bunch of loonies in the US. Project A119,  A Study of Lunar Research Flight Project was designed to hurl an atomic bomb 238,000 miles into space so it could hit the moon and then deliver a boom that might even destroy the moon!! They hoped the flash of a moon  being destroyed would scare the hell out of Russians and make them think twice about messing with the Americans.

This nutty idea arose shortly after the first Russian  space  ship, Sputnik went into the sky. According to physicist Leonard Reiffei, American military leaders were serious. As of now, we do not know what President Eisenhower thought about this wild idea that made no sense.

Imagine if Mitt had become president! Wow, end all taxes for those who have millions??