You Can’t Bully Me!

The situation in Syria has now entered the stage of various nations and leaders making clear they will not be bullied by other entities in this clash of wills. President Bashar al-Assad is a murderer, a tyrant an evil man, but he is also simply one of many such creatures who are found in some part of the world. He kills his own people, he allows the murder of children and goes to bed at night with his family feeling perfectly normal. Of course, there are dozens of such individuals in this world and each has a sense of belief in his own normality. A major problem is that evil has become a norm so if one is evil, they are convinced that is nothing abnormal. Assad warned the United States that it if dared to bomb his land, there would be repercussions. “You’re going to pay the price” he informed President Obama.

The world, due to modern technology, has reached a point in human development in which there are no surprises as to what evil can or will do. The sickness of Assad is his belief that what he has done is simply a normal series of events. Assad does not believe himself to be doing anything wrong. THAT IS THE HUMAN CONDITION!!