‘You Do It Or We Will” Say Americans To Pakistan!

Ironically, President Obama who allegedly is the liberal antidote to George Bush and the military program of fighting rather than talking, has increasingly become more militant in his demands for action on the part of Pakistan. A NATO official recently revealed that during the past five years from 2003-2008, the Bush administration sanctioned clandestine raids into Pakistan by special forces of the United States because there was disgust with failure on the part of Pakistan military forces to take an active role in destroying the Taliban and al-Qaeda. On several of these actions, “the Pakistanis were kept entirely in the dark” as American forces entered their nation. For example, in one operation US secret forces retrieved a drone that had crashed because they could not trust the Pakistanis from getting possession of the Predator.

As one Pakistani official recently noted, “the tone of the Obama administration is growing more ominous. The message is, ‘you do it or we will.’ Ah yes, isn’t it wonderful to have someone in a leadership role who threatens. I am certain, threats will lead to peace and prosperity for all. Just check with George Bush for confirmation of this approach.