You Gotta Go! NOW!

Every so often members of the Republican and Democratic party finally decide they can agree on something. Usually, that agreement has scant to do with the lives of the American people, but the issue concerns something far away. It is now unanimous in the Congress of the United States of America that Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki must depart from power if there is to be US military assistance. Maliki ended any opportunity for cooperation with Sunnis when he arrested the Sunni Vice President of Iraq, and proceeded to remove Sunni officers in the armed forces. The end result has been sectarian violence, and Sunni cooperation with the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Thousands of Iraqi soldiers fled the battlefield which has resulted in the ability of an eight thousand man force wiping out the 100,000 man Iraq army.

Senator Diane Feinstein made clear, “Maliki has to go if you want reconciliation” while Republican Senator John McCain wants the President to “make very clear to Maliki that his time is up.” Naturally, Maliki insists he loves Sunnis. President Obama has made clear “we will aggressively attempt to impress upon that leader(Maliki) the absolute necessity of rejecting sectarian governance.”

This blog for years has been saying the same thing!