You Never Had It So Good, Jack….

I realize there are actually people out there who think some sort of “recession” is part of our daily lives these days. Lord Young, who serves in the UK government of David Cameron as the “enterprise tsar” or whatever that means, attempted over the past few days to straighten out the situation and help those who actually believe these are bad times to get their head on straight. As honest Lord Young points out, look at the record:

1. Interest rates are low which makes it easier for people to purchase homes.

2. Since millions are defaulting on house payments, you can pick up a house real cheap.

3. Low interest rates mean buying a car or TV or taking a vacation is now available to anyone with a few bucks in her pocket.

4. OK, so 100,000 were fired from government jobs, but millions are still working for the government. And, let’s face it, those who lost their jobs deserved to be fired.

5. England is finally getting at this attitude that the government is supposed to make certain you have food and clothing and a place to sleep. That sure was not the attitude of Queen Victoria. It is time to end what Lord Young says is the attitude where “people think they have a right for state to support them.” Instead, we now have an egalitarian attitude that every person has a right to starve.

Lord Young got some folk upset for saying they “never had it so good.” Well, he is right. Now that you don’t have a job there is more time for the family and hanging around with your pals.

Does anyone have a doubt that twenty years from now people will be looking back at this supposed, “Great Recession,” and “wondering what all the fuss was about.” Of course, by that time we all will be part of the greater China empire.