‘You Stayed Too Long”

Whenever nations endure economic bad times a group will arise which blames the folly of those with wealth and power on those without wealth and power. Who else i s the monster in the closet but newly arrived people to the nation. In 1933, a poll revealed that over 30% of Americans wanted Jews to leave the country. In England, the Independence Party blames all troubles besetting the   country on immigrants from the Caribbean or Pakistan or India who returned to the nation that colonized their home countries. In a recent by-election the Independence Party came in second, beating the Conservative and Labor parties.

The Liberal Democrats won and now Nick Clegg, its leader, wants to bar fellow Europeans from entering the country in search of work. Ed Miliband of Labor now apologizes for  past errors. “It’s not prejudiced when people worry about immigration. It’s understandable. And, we were wrong in the  past when we dismissed people’s concerns.”

Sorry, Ed, it was Big Wealth which created the economic disaster and it is Big Wealth which continues it. Just check the US where things are improving and Congress is considering intelligently dealing with immigration.