Your Gaza Mess, Not Ours, Says Egypt

The Egyptian government rebuffed offers by Israel for it to assume control over many aspects of Gaza life such as providing fuel and supplies. Hossam Zaki, spokesperson for the Egyptian government said”the border will go back to normal” tomorrow and, essentially made it clear that what happens in Gaza is the responsibility of the Israel government. Isael’s deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilna’s had earlier indicated his nation was ready to relinquish reponsibillity for the Gaza Strip, ncluding supplyin electricity and water now that the wall on Gaza’s southern booundry with Egypt had been blown up. “We need to understand,” said Vina’i, “that when Gaza is open to the other side we lose responsibility for it. So we want to disconnect from it.” Egypt has indicated the border will remain open as longas there is a humanitarian crisis.

If you make it, you can’t break it. Egypt is not going to take over responsibility for Gaza as long as there is a Palestinian government and Israel is sending troops into Gaza to halt Kassam rockets. The situation cries out desperately for UN intervention to halt rocket attacks and to end the blockade of Gaza. The UN Human Rights Concil passed a resolutiion condemning Israel’s militay actions in Gaza. One wonders when the Council will also get around to passing a resolution condemning abuses of human rights in Zimbabwe or the Congo or in Myanmar.