Your Turn For Jail

There have been times during the past few years when I become confused as to who is in charge of the Egyptian government or who is headed for jail or who, exactly, should I be rooting for in the Egyptian league of becoming champion. At the last turn around, the Egyptian army returned to power and threw in jail the bad guys who are known as the Muslim Brotherhood. It now turns out they were not my brother and they had no sense of brotherhood with me. If I was Coptic Christian the last place to seek safety was the interior of a mosque. Anyway, the MB is composed of bad people and since I am a good person, then I must dislike all bad people. Of course, a several months ago, all the bad people were really good people and those I was supposed to dislike were really folk who were my friends.

For the moment, members of the Muslim Brotherood must be avoided. That is, they must be disliked until they reach a point in time when they become the very good guys and I have to return to the right list of folk to hate. Until then, I need a nap.