“You’re An Idiot!”

There is one consistent manner in which members of the Republican party handle issues related to those serving or who have served in the military. Under the administration of George Bush, the Veterans Administration budget was cut. Today, Republicans shout for war against Iran. Of course, none of those shouting those words has ever served in combat. Romney spent the Vietnam War spreading the word of the Mormon religion.

Governor Chris Christie became engaged in a debate with a former member of the SEALs over merging of colleges in New Jersey. William Brown was worried because his present law school offered many non-traditional students a chance to become lawyers and he feared the new Rowan University would not be so open. He asked the governor to reconsider the merger. Christie responded: “if you want to put on a show today, let me tell you something… after your graduate from law school, you conduct yourself like that in a court room, your rear end gonna get thrown in jail, you idiot!”

I doubt if chubby Christie could even get out of a boat used by SEALs. How dare he insult a man who risked his life for his country? The only risk taken by Christie is how many chocolate bars can he eat today.