You’re Too Poor For Poor People Conference

The first international conference dealing with issues related to indigenous people of the world will not witness the arrival of delegates from Ethiopia. The Swedish government informed these delegates they were not welcome because the possibility of “flight was too high” since once in the advanced society of Sweden, they would decide to remain. They also lacked sufficient resources to ensure they could attend the conference and handle necessary expenses. This is an interesting approach to confronting issues of poor people in the world. We should bar poor people from coming to such meetings because if they came, they would lack money for hotels and food and such so the hosts would be stuck with the bill. Also, they might decide to remain in Sweden and never return to the life of an indigenous person.

This is akin to Republicans insisting we must address the needs of billionaires who will be denied a few billion if we cut taxes. The issue is not who is poor but who can afford to attend a conference dealing with issues of poor people.