Youth Riots Sweep Greece

A boy was shot by two policemen under circumstances that are still unclear. It is not unusual for police to shoot teenagers, but the shooting several days ago unleashed a storm of anger on the part of Greek youth. LIn an outpouring of rage across Athens, high school and university students joined self styled anarchists in throwing everything from fruit and rocks to Molotov cocktails as fires swept through the city. “Cops! Pigs! Murderers! shouted infuriated teenagers in their desire to wreck mayhem on the nation’s establishment. It is apparent their anger is not merely about the dead fifteen year old, but at the entire government which many regard as incompetent and corrupt. Dozens of shops, banks, and luxury hotels had their windows smashed and burned as students also looted stores including gun shops.

Prime Minister Karamanlis pleased for peace with youth of his nation, but they are upset at everything represented by the current government. Undoubtedly, this anger also reflects confusion and bewilderment at the economic crisis which has impacted the western world. Millions have watched their savings impacted by decisions of those who represent the power of money, and a response is to burn and destroy. We are witnessing an outpouring of fear as much as fury. Perhaps, we are witnessing the birth of a new desire to rethink the nature of government and money in the modern world.

  • Sarah

    oh my god, that’s horrible, young life to end like that… there is no excuse for that act, no one can take another persons life…

  • Dave

    i think the chaos still rules in Athens :( sad for that boy….