Zapatero Zaps US Over Cuba

Prime Minister Zapatero of Spain was criticised by the United States government because he is attempting to build strong relations with Cuba. Secretary of State Rice is angry because she claims Zapatero is ignoring the plight of Cuban dissidents. Zapatero believes creating strong economic and cultural relations with Cuba is the best way to help Cuban dissidents. He refutes the Bush policy that ignoring Cuba somehow has beneficial results.

Perhaps, Secretary Rice can provide some concrete examples of how the American policy of refusing relations with Cuba has benefited those in Cuba fighting for freedom. Of course, Rice and the Bush group condemn Zapatero for having relations with a dictator like Castro. I guess they would prefer if Zapatero had relations with good dictators like the King of Saudi Arabia or Mugabe in Zimbabwe. By the way, Saudi Arabia now leads the world in chopping off heads of people. Yes, Castro is a dictator and his brutality toward dissidents and gays is appalling. The only sensible way to assist those in Cuba who fight for freedom is fostering strong economic and social ties with Castro. Jaw, Jaw, not abhor, abhor.