Zapiro Cartoon Zaps Muslim Non-Humorists!

The now famous –or infamous– Zapiro cartoon that appeared in the South African newspaper, the Mail & Guardian, continues to upset many Muslims in the world. Nic Dawes, editor of the newspaper has been compelled to meet with members of the South African Muslim community who charge his newspaper has published a “blasphemous, insulting, insensitive, and hurtful” cartoon which has led to great pain among Muslims. They regard the caricature of the Prophet Muhammad which has him commenting to a psychiatrist about his concern that other Prophets have followers who have a sense of humor, but his followers simply lack that capacity as insulting to him.

Fellas, the cartoon is NOT insulting to the Prophet Muhammad. It is PRAISING THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD! The only ones who are insulted are those who lack a sense of humor. Where did you people get the idea it insulted a Prophet by attributing to him a sense of humor!!