Zardari Wants Drones But Will He Use Them?

President Asif Zardari told the British newspaper, The Independent, that his nation should be provided drones and other missiles by the United States in order to allow Pakistan to take the initiative in the war against extremists. “We would much prefer that the US share its intelligence and give us the drones and missiles that will allow us to take care of the problem on our own.” In his view the use of drones by American forces to hit targets in Pakistan violates the national sovereignty of his nation. Even as he spoke Taliban forces were leaving the Swat Valley and entering new areas of the country to spread their terror. According to Zardari, Pakistan is ready to take up Obama’s challenge and act on their own against the Taliban.

We can only wonder if the Pakistan president has checked in with his secret intelligence, the ISI who works hand-in-hand with the Taliban. Exactly how can the Pakistan army take out the Taliban if every move on their part is being revealed to the enemy. First, Zardari has to clean house and make certain his military leaders are on the same page as the president. After all, they have already turned the Swat Valley over to the Taliban.