Zero Dark Forty

I await the arrival of a new movie in our theaters. It will depict the drama of how a group of daring brave members of Special Operations landed at midnight in Moscow, made their way through its streets until they came to a house located at an isolated area of suburban Moscow. These intrepid men of war slowly entered an apartment building, eyes ever alert to the sound of a computer, knocked quietly on a door. It opened to reveal a man wearing glasses who was the notorious evil terrorist, one Edward Snowden. Our brave heroes grabbed the terrorist, placed a hood over his head, lifted his body and speedily made their way back to the waiting helicopter. The bad person was shoved on the vehicle, it made its way skyward and all returned to the land of peace and prosperity- the United States of America.

All this was observed by President Barack Obama along with his Cabinet. Once again, America was safe from the work of evil doers. I wonder if the same approach could be taken to evil doers who wander our streets with weapons of mass destruction?

Vladimir Putin claims Edward Snowden is a “strange guy?” I have a hunch the strange guy is the man in the White House who claims to support freedom of information.