In 1979 a communist government ruled Afghanistan and when Afghan communist leaders clashed over power they invited Russian forces to enter the nation and restore peace. That began the rebellion against the Afghan government and it was during this period that our beloved CIA outfitted Muslim fanatics to wage war. The collapse of the Communist government ushered in the 1990s, a time of chaos and destruction which ended when the Pakistan created Taliban entered the country and imposed its Sharia style backward government. Americans arrived in in 2001 and now we just want to go home and leave about 10,000 advisors to assist the Afghan armed forces. President Hamid Karzai refuses to sign an agreement with President Obama. The main issue is use of drones to kill. Regardless of what Obama claims, Drones DO lead to death of innocent civilians.

We offer some words of advice to Karzai. The guy you currently are challenging was challenged by the Republican party and he took the Zero Option approach, he did NOT back down. He is not going to back down. If Karzai persists in his defiance there is a strong possibility all Americans will leave. We will return to the chaos of the 1990s and another Pakistan Taliban force will return to conquer Afghanistan.