Zim Movement for Democracy Leaders Want Real Power

Months continue to drag by and the Zimbabwean inflation rate has now reached twenty million percent while President Mugabe of Zimbabwe dallies over the issue of surrendering any real power to the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. Its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, insists he will not become a ceremonial “Prime Minister” just so Mugabe can tell the world he is willing to share “power” when, in actuality, he does not. Tsvangirai insists he must be given control of the powerful Ministry of Home Affairs which controls the police in order to prevent that institution from continuing its policy of harassment and brutality against members of the opposition. The MDC is willing to sign a document which is based on a 50%-50% sharing of power, and it must include some control over security forces who have brutalized the nation.

President Mbeki of South Africa is once again in the nation’ capital but, most probably, he will continue his own policy of supporting his good friend, Robert Mugabe. “We are not close to any deal,” says the MDC and there will not be any until Mbeki puts pressure on Mugabe to give up some power. Mugabe most probably would like Tsvangirai to work on the economy while he works on keeping the opposition under control.