Zimbabwe Activist Kidnapped

A Zimbabwe judge in an act of bravery has ordered the police to search for kidnapped Jestina Mukoko in all the prisons of the nation or anywhere that the Zimbabwe government detains members of the opposition. Judge Anne Gowora stood up to the thugs who run Zimbabwe by demanding an end to illegal detention of opposition activists. The Judge ordered television and radio stations to broadcast appeals for information about Ms. Mukoko who was abducted from her home by 15 armed men. Two days later, the brother of a lawyer working for Ms. Mukoko was abducted from his home. At least 18 members of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) have been kidnapped in recent weeks.

Morgan Tsvangirai who heads MDC said President Mugabe was responsible for the kidnappings and brutal actions against those who oppose him. The nation is collapsing as cholera sweeps the land while the African Union stands idly by refusing to take action against a tyrant. African leaders correctly denounced colonialism but they refuse to denounce brutality on the part of fellow African leaders.