Zimbabwe And Rule Of Law

The future of Zimbabwe unfortunately is linked to the future of its thuggish ruler, Robert Mugabe. Nations of the world do not believe it wise to invest in Zimbabwe unless there is a semblance of law and order. As long as Mugabe holds the position of president it is virtually impossible to establish a government that respects individual rights and is willing to take steps that would ensure return to economic stability. Morgan Tsvangirai, who holds the position of prime minister in a government in which Mugabe attempts to thwart his efforts to restore the economy knows he needs to keep Mugabe around until he dies or simply vanishes into the oblivion of history.

Tsvangirai told reporters, “this residual resistance represents an unwillingness to accept the fact that the new political dispensation is not only irreversible, but also offers the country the only viable way forward.” The question remains– how to get Mubabe off to the side or into retirement so the future can proceed?