Zimbabwe-Caught Between Rock And Hard Place

The dilemma of Zimbabwe continues and its prospects for success are diminished by the growing threat of strikes. A “coalition government” under which Movement For Democratic Change leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has been desperately attempting to bring order into the chaos created by President Mugabe may soon unravel. Doctors are threatening strikes and shortly they will be joined by teachers. Tsvangirai has accomplished a tremendous amount given his own MPs are being arrested by Mugabe’s thug police and army. Tsvangirai has curbed inflation, gotten food to stores, and reopened schools but his efforts may soon collapse. He needs money from foreign investors but none will give money as long as President Mugabe is ready to pounce on it and use the funds to strengthen his forces.

The only solution is for the African Union, and particularly, South Africa, to take a strong stand in defense of the rights of the Zimbabwe people. South African inaction allows Mugabe to continue harassing members of the MDC and refusing to allow those who can farm to get back to the task of raising food. Unfortunately, giving money to Zimbabwe is the only way to get the country back on track, but to do so with Mugabe in power ensures the money will be used to help his government, not the people of Zimbabwe.