Zimbabwe Cholera Rises And The World Is Silent

There will be no street demonstrations in the cities of planet Earth because over 2,000 people in Zimbabwe have died due to cholera nor will there be any talk about “genocide” or a “holocaust” because the people who are dying are of no interest to the world at large. They are merely some inhabitants of a country far away in a nation lacking oil or people who are able to interact with the media and produce sympathy. The picture of a child dying of cholera simply lacks the emotional drive of a child’s body lying amidst rubble. Both children are dead due to human stupidity but the death of one will always assume paramount importance over the death of the other.

The latest UN figure is 2,201 have died of cholera in Zimbabwe. African nations are silent about death in that country and will not take any action against President Mugabe who is responsible for destroying his nation’s economy, driving over two million to flee, and allowing the health infrastructure to collapse. After all, twenty years ago he was a hero of the anti-colonial movement and that ensures his reputation.

The European Union is promising to impost sanction on Mugabe and his fellow thugs. But, where is the African Union? Silence is their response to the death of Africans at the hands of Africans.