Zimbabwe Close To Mass Starvation

The madness of President Mugabe who always places his own ego and the need to protect his fellow thugs has resulted in his nation rapidly reaching a point of economic collapse. Inflation is running at astronomical levels of over eleven million percent and now Zimbabwe is almost at the point of running out of food. The nation just experienced the worst wheat harvest in over thirty years and USAid, the American humanitarian agency, warns there soon will not be any maize left, which is the people’s staple food. “We are in serious trouble,” said Jabulani Gwaringa of the Zimbabwe Farmers’s Union(ZFU). “There is no seed, fertilizer and crop chemicals on the market. Banks are not offering farmers credit.” He said seed maize had fallen from 25,000 metric tons to about 9,000.

Zimbabwe used to be the bread basket of east Africa until Mugabe drove out white farmers and replaced them with his friends who were more interested in plunder than in farming. Opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is trying to negotiate for power so he can do something about the crisis but Mugabe does not wish to return the farms to those who can increase production. He would rather his countrymen starve to death than take back the farms from his allies in crime. In driving out white farmers Mugabe also drove out the black farm workers who were productive.