Zimbabwe Collapsing But No European Protests!

British students are seizing offices in universities as part of their protest against Israel’s invasion of Gaza which left 1,300 dead including about 800 civilians. But, in a former colony of Great Britain, a tyrant named Robert Mugabe rules with an iron fist that has destroyed his nation causing the death of 3,397 from cholera while an additional 65,000 are infected with the dread disease. Over 80% of the population lacks a job and millions barely have enough to survive, but the death of innocent Africans is not on the student agenda this week. The World Health Organization says the health system has completely collapsed, but not cries from Europe about a “Holocaust”and one can only wonder why British students are furious at what happens in Gaza and indifferent to the death of thousands in Zimbabwe as well as the death of five million in the Congo.

Morgan Tsvangirai will attempt to be part of a “coalition government” due to pressure from the Southern African Development Community, but members of his Democratic Movement for Change (DMC) still languish in jail. There is scant confidence in the international community about this coalition government and when it collapses, as it will, the situation will only become worse.

Will anyone cry for the beloved people of Zimbabwe?