Zimbabwe Continues Failing And Failing

The attempt to create a coalition government in Zimbabwe between dictator Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change simply is not working. As Prime Minister Tsvangirai recently noted: “we have not succeeded in restored the rule of law.. our people do not live free from fear, hunger or poverty.” His efforts to lean over backward in order to accommodate the whims of Mugabe have not been able to restore an economy that can function. Mugabe began the current fiasco by seizing land of white farmers and turning them over to his fellow thugs and buddies. The result was the collapse of the Zimbabwe economy that has left 94% of people without jobs and continued existence dependent on outside aid.

South Africa is the only hope of the people of Zimbabwe. President Zuma must insist on reform on the part of Mugabe and make clear the old days of looting Zimbabwe are over. Mugabe continues seizing productive farm land resulting what Tsvangirai terms “productive land lies fallow and people hungry.”