Zimbabwe Courts Stand Tall For Freedom

President Mugabe of Zimbabwe continually claims that “Western Powers” are behind attempts to interfere with his ability to rule the nation. He did agree to a compromise national coalition government several months ago, but his government has constantly denied Prime Minister Tsvangirai of the right to govern. The men appointed by Mugabe to the Zimbabwe Supreme Court ruled that his government of thugs and brutes could not prosecute Jestine Makoko for “terrorism” because they first kidnapped the human rights activist and then brutally tortured her. Even Mugabe’s men understand that confession’s extracted under torture are not valid in any normal court of law.

Mugabe continues to hamper efforts to reform the government and restore the semblance of economic health to a nation that prior to his rule was the leading agricultural center of Africa. It is time for nations like South Africa to denounce this two bit thug and refuse him any aid until democracy is restored to the country.