Zimbabwe Crisis Reaches Critical Level

Initially, weeks went by without any action on the part of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to reach out to his opponent and carry out the agreement to share power. Months have gone by without any effort on his part to deal with the humanitarian crisis which now envelops his nation as thousands already are dead due to cholera. Millions are on the verge of starvation but this man who claims he is the father of his nation refuses to budge an inch and allow competent officials to assume responsibility for ending the crisis. Mugabe fears honest officials will uncover the criminal actions of his underlings who used their power to gain control over large sectors of the farm land and then run the farms into the ground.

The Movement for Democratic Change charges “the situation on the ground in the country has reached a critical level.” The country is nearing massive starvation but Mugabe will not surrender any power. Such is the way of a man claiming to be “father of his country.”