Zimbabwe– Cry The Beloved Country!

The first phase in the farce that is known as an “election” in Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe has drawn to a close. President Mugabe who obtained 43.2% of the vote in a March election in which is opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai obtained 47% of the vote, was able to secure an 85.5% of the vote on Friday even though the same percent of people voted as did in March. Prime Minister Raila Odinga of Kenya hit the nail on the head be describing the sham election as a “shame and embarrassment for Africa” and urged the deployment of troops from the African Union to assist the people of Zimbabwe. Another shame was failure on the part of South African president Mbeki to make the slightest effort to assist forces of democracy in Zimbabwe because he did not wish to embarrass his old friend, Robert Mugabe.

The Bush administration is discussing the possibility of sanctions issued by the Security Council but there is a strong chance such action would be vetoed by China. We of this blog call on all American athletes to boycott the Olympics if China vetoes efforts to help the people of Zimbabwe. Let’s send a message to China it must begin behaving in a responsible manner when the rights of oppressed people are at stake. How can one be a Marxist based society and not care about human oppression?