Zimbabwe Deal In Making?

Dictators who finally see the handwriting on the wall usually turn to make a deal with those who have defeated them. The core of any deal is exemption from prosecution for past misdeeds. Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change who apparently obtained about 60% of the vote reportedly is in secret discussions with military leaders and the defeated Zanu-PF party to work out a peaceful transition of power. He has made clear, “There is no way the MDC will enter into any deal until the ZEC(Zimbabwean Electoral Commission) has confirmed the (election) results.

The situaton appears somewhat confused since the Zanu-PF claims to be winning in about 50% of parliament contests which makes little sense in light of large majorities for the MDC in the presidential election. There are unconfirmed reports the military would back off from its promise not to recognize any other victor but Mugabe. If those reports are accurate, it will be the end of Mugabe.