Zimbabwe Democracy Means Opposition Parties Lose

European Union and American observers are being excluded from examining the validity of the March 29th election in Zimbabwe. Apparently, those nations do not yet grasp the meaning of an election held under the rule of Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwean Foreign Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi informed the world, “Clearly those who believe that the only free and fair election is where the oppostion wins,” will not allowed to supervise the electoral process. President Mugabe is a strong adherent of the view that once in power, always in power and therefore allowing opposition parties to gain victory upsets the democratic process. However, in a spirit of fairness, President Mugabe laid open the possibility if the United States allows his observers to monitor the US presidental race, he might be open to allowing foreigners to watch his heavy handed work at ensuring being re-elected.

Another Mugabe “victory” may spark violence in the nation since the vast majority of people are suffering under an inflation rate of 100,000% and the departure of millions who had to leave their nation in order to get a job. Like most petty minded dictators, Mugabe expresses contempt for opposition parties and demands. But, every group of people has a breaking point and it may burst forth next month after Mugabe “wins” another election.