Zimbabwe Enters Dangerous Season For Cholera Spread

The rainy season in Zimbabwe is just about to peak and there is extensive fear weather will play a vital role in the spread of cholera in the nation which now has infected over 30,000 people and killed about 1,600. The World Health Organization said infection is growing at an ever faster rate since the entire health and sanitation system has collapsed due to the inept rule of President Mugabe. He has refused to implement promises made to Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) to share power. Instead Mugabe has unleashed his thugs to intimidate, brutalize and even kill members of the opposition. Millions of people face starvation unless something can be done to compel Mugabe to behave like a decent human being. Health Minister David Parirenyatwa points out, “floods are a predisposing factor for cholera.”

Food is scarce, there is not enough money to pay doctors and nurses and unemployment impacts over half the population. Mugabe apparently will void the power-sharing agreement and appoint his own Cabinet which will result in further sanctions from the world. In the meantime, African nations remain silent and refuse to take any action to assist the people of Zimbabwe due to friendship with Mugabe. Such is the situation in Zimbabwe. Cry for this beloved country and its sorrow.