Zimbabwe Goes On Attack, Attacking Chancellor Merkel

The old adage of the best defense is an offense rang true with attacks by Zimbabwe officials on Chancellor Merkel of Germany who had the audacity to make nasty remarks about the thugs who now govern the nation of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Minister of Information, Sikhanyiso Nidovu, ripped into Chancellor Merketl who had term Presdent Mugabe an embarrassment to the people of Africa because of destructive policies which have wrecked his nation’s economy and created an 80% unemployment figure as well as an 8000% inflation rate. The Zimbabwean government termed Merkel a “racist’ and a “Nazi remnant” for standing up and defending the oppressed people of Zimbabwe.

Chancellor Merkel made her remarks at the recent summit meeting of European Union and African leaders because none of the so-called “leaders” of Africa had the courage to defend the oppressed people of Zimbabwe. One of the tragedies of African nationalism in the post WWII era is failure on the part of Africa’s courageous leaders in the fight against colonialism to carry on that tradition by fighting against African corruption and brutality. Instead, the world is teated to worn out attempts to blame current problems on colonialism. Colonialism ended sixty years ago in South Korea and Singapore and India, but those nations have developed vibrant economies and India is the world’s largest democracy. It’s time for Africa’s leaders to put comments about “colonialism” in storage and stand up and fight for African rights.