Zimbabwe Heads For Peace– We All Hope!

There is increasing optimism that President Mugabe of Zimbabwe will sign a power sharing agreement within the coming days. Under terms of this government arrangement, Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, will assume the new role of prime minister. A major stumbling block was overcome when Tsvangirai agreed to recognize the legitimacy of the Mugabe election as president. The issues remaining revolve around specifics pertaining the exact powers that would be entrusted to Tsvangirai and which would continue being carried out by President Mugabe.

Once an agreement is made it will take a few weeks in order to change the Constitution to take into account changes such as creating the position of prime minister. However, once a government attempts to deal with the economic disaster that is currently Zimbabwe it will require taking away farm lands seized by followers of Mugabe who have ruined these lands and created food problems. Will they go quietly from farms they lack the expertise to run?