Zimbabwe Human Rights Violated By Mugabe

Amnesty International is frightened at the prospect of mass starvation in Zimbabwe unless something is done to get a government organized which can address the horrible economic conditions facing their country. Human rights abuse continues under the authoritarian regime of Robert Mugabe even as millions face the prospect of starvation brought on by the inept and morally illegal economic policies of the current government. Inflation has reached astronomical levels unheard of in human history and food is denied people based on their political views. Central to the inability of forming a coalition government is refusal on the part of Mugabe to share power with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change(MDC)led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

As Mugabe continues his fight for power because he fears an honest government will uncover corruption on the part of his cronies and allies, the prospect for economic recover grows dimmer. Attempts to protest are met by beatings and imprisonment since Mugabe fears the expression of honest public opinion.

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