Zimbabwe Impacts South Africa

The disaster of Zimbabwe has not only led to a collapse of its economy but it has compelled over two million people to flee to other nations. South Africa is trying to determine the best way to deal with the over three million in its land. Last year, frustrated South Africans went on a rampage and attacked the Zimbabwe refugees as well as those who had come from other lands. The South African government is examining the possibility of granting special status to the Zimbabwe refugees that will allow them to live and work in the country. A major problem is housing for the refugees, given that the South African government for years has been promising to construct new housing for its own poor.

The South African government is partially responsible for the current situation since it has refused to take a strong stand against the corrupt and inefficient government of President Mugabe. The best solution is to use all its power to force Mugabe from office and then support attempts by the Tsvangirai government to restore the semblance of order and prosperity. The best solution is return of Zimbabweans to their homeland.